What will be your action for change?
What will be your action for the Rebirth-day 2016?
21 December 2016: Worldwide Day of Change to celebrate the Rebirth.
Join the worldwide day of change with your action.


Think of a collective action to celebrate the Rebirth-day.
We can all participate, with personal or group initiatives featuring proposals, actions and activities consistent with the process of responsible social change.
The Rebirth-day project is low-impact, sustainable and sensitive to environmental issues; it promotes a development model appropriate to a practice of containment and it uses the free collaboration of individuals and communities throughout the world.
Participation in the Rebirth-day represents a personal commitment to the process of change.
We have the extraordinary opportunity to joyfully and eagerly create our future destiny together: we can participate, with whatever form of expression (performance, music, flash-mob, installations, meetings, food events…) in creating a great common artwork.

"On the occasion of the 2016 Rebirth-day, I suggest we should adopt a word on which to develop an understanding aiming at containing as much as possible the huge social dysfunction pervading the whole world.
The word I propose is: respect."
Michelangelo Pistoletto

How to participate:

Propose actions, activities and interventions that celebrate the change, the renovation, more sustainable social relations and different relations between human beings and nature Inspired by rebirth—starting, for instance, from the sign/symbol of the Third Paradise, which can be presented in different forms in different languages and materials or take inspiration from events realized in 2012, 2013, 2014 and in 2015.

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Spread the invitation: tell your friends and acquaintances about it.

Happy Rebirth-day... 2016!

Sede del Terzo Paradiso / Third Paradise Seat
Organized by: Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto
In collaboration with: Comitato Biellesi per il Terzo Paradiso
Where: IT / Italy / Province of Biella
When: From 2015-06-19 to 2035-12-31
Una sede permanente per le attività legate al Terzo Paradiso. /
A permanent seat for the activities related to the Third Paradise.

On the occasion of Arte al Centro 2015, the most recent of the former factory spaces regenerated by Cittadellarte along the banks of the river Cervo opens to the public, thanks to the inspiration and the support of the “Comitato Biellesi per il Terzo Paradiso”.
The committee, founded by Claudio Botto Poala, Paolo Botto Poala, Serafino Garella, Angelo Pavia and Rodolfo Rosso (as its president), was born in December 2013 with the aim of promoting the establishment of a permanent site for the activities related to the Third Paradise and for the development of a knowledge about Michelangelo Pistoletto and his thought, further embedding them in the Biellese territory, intervening on the building part of the former Trombetta wool mill in via Cernaia 46.
The Third Paradise, symbol at the centre of countless projects around the world, from India to Cuba, from Finland to New Zealand, finds its official collocation in Biella, thanks to the commitment of the Committee, in a place intended to become the centre of the international network of activities aimed at a sustainable transformation of society.

In occasione di Arte al Centro 2015, apre al pubblico la più recente tra le rigenerazioni di spazi ex-industriali realizzate da Cittadellarte lungo le sponde del torrente Cervo, grazie all’ispirazione e al sostegno del “Comitato Biellesi per il Terzo Paradiso”.
Il comitato, fondato da Claudio Botto Poala, Paolo Botto Poala, Serafino Garella, Angelo Pavia e Rodolfo Rosso (con la presidenza di quest’ultimo), è nato nel dicembre 2013, con lo scopo di promuovere la realizzazione di una sede permanente per le attività legate al Terzo Paradiso e per sviluppare la conoscenza di Michelangelo Pistoletto e del suo pensiero radicandole ulteriormente nella città di Biella, intervenendo sullo stabile dell’ex Lanificio Giuseppe Trombetta di via Cernaia 46.
Il Terzo Paradiso, simbolo al centro di innumerevoli progetti in ogni parte del mondo, dall’India a Cuba, dalla Finlandia alla Nuova Zelanda, trova, grazie all’impegno del Comitato, la sua ufficiale collocazione a Biella, in un luogo che si propone di diventare il centro della rete internazionale di attività indirizzate alla trasformazione sostenibile della società.

Credits of the video/s: Realizzazione e montaggio video: Maurizio Yukio Unia