Travelling Third Paradise Canvas – Kids Guernica – Hiroshima
In occasion of the World Disarmament Conference and the celebration of the 20° anniversary of the international Kids-Guernica's project.
Organizzato da: Kids-Guernica and Tako Takafumi and Savina Tarsitano
In collaborazione con: Junko Homma and professor Toshifumi Abe co-founder of Kids-Guernica
Data: Dal 25/08/15 al 28/08/15
Indirizzo: 696-0001, Japan

GOALS: To involve the population in contributing to the travelling Third Paradise Canvas for a better world.

In occasion of the 20° anniversary of Kids-Guernica in Hiroshima and for the World Disarmament Conference the artist Tako Takafumi organised a workshop to present the Third Paradise project and to contribute to the Third Paradise canvas. On that occasion a Third Paradise installation has been created with candels on the river in fron of the Cathedral as an hommage to a better world with more peace. The project has been realized with art professor Toshifumi Abe.

Credits immagini: savina tarsitano and Junko Homma
Presentato da: Savina Tarsitano