Travelling Third Paradise Canvas -Tallahasee Florida Hartsfiled elementary school
Workshop on the Third Paradise Project in cooperation with Kids-Guernica's project.
Organizzato da: professor Wafa Elska- Hartsfiled Elementary school
In collaborazione con: Kids-Guernica, Savina Tarsitano, professor Toshifumi Abe
Data: Dal 04/04/16 al 16/04/16
Indirizzo: Tallahassee, United States

GOALS: Explain and work with children in exploring their ideas, feelings on what they desire for the future or a better world.

After travelling in Europe from Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Cuba, Brussels, Bali Indonesia, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Cambodia, Nikko, thanks to the professor Toshifumi Abe from Osaka, arrived in Tallassee. Professor Wafa Elska’s students are contributing to the canvas with their message of a better world where technology and nature live together in respecting each other.We have organised a video conference to explain the story of the Third Paradise canvas, and to meet and to say hello to the children. It was so wonderful. A dialogue among different cultures where more than 2000 children from all the world have contributed to this wonderful message of friendship and peace in respecting all the different identities.
I was very happy to collaborate with professor Wafa Elska from far, but I had the opportunity to follow the project and the beginning of the workshop with a video call, where I could see the wonderful students.
The students contributed to the canvas in representing Florida as a State Tallahassee as a city, and Hartsfield as their school. The students leraned so much about respect of culturesm earth, people, through the Third Paradise project.

Credits immagini: Wafa Elska
Presentato da: Savina Tarsitano