Contemporary art exhibition, guitar recital in an abandoned old cinema, named "Othellos". Participation of 16artists.
Organized by: Yiannis Sakellis
In collaboration with: PAFOS2017 European Capital of Culture
Date: 21/12/13
Address: Paphos, Cyprus

GOALS: we aim to give a new life to the abandoned building, to promote the arts in the city.

The rebirth of the old cinema is a Shakespearean drama that has come to life again.
A pioneering creative art exhibition takes place within the framework of the worldwide day of Rebirth which has been declared as the 21st of December. In the second continuous year, sixteen artists take over the old abandoned cinema Othello with their creations bringing the space back to life again.
With an exhibition of artworks and a guitar recital the old derelict cinema opens its doors to the public. It is a project with an international range and sensation as the sixteen artists co-create, co-unite their voices and their expressive means with artists in other countries, compromising the cell that will give birth to the Third Paradise as envisaged by the world renowned Italian artist, Michelangelo Pistoletto.

The 21st of December being the world wide day of Rebirth is equated with the myth of the Third Paradise which artists are invited to convey using different artistic mediums. Last year the artists in Paphos chose the Ottoman Baths utilizing the Cleansing and political (meeting place for Greek and Turkish Cypriots) dimension as an expressive starting point. This year the old derelict cinema Othello functions as a catalyst of inspiration and creativity. Through art the rebirth of the space takes place, the rebirth of the use of the symbol of the well known cinematographer, the gathering, the spectacle, the art itself.

The following artists are taking part:
Christos Avraam, Nayia Evaggelou, Yiota Ioannidou, Sergis Hadjiadamou, Erato Hadjisavva, Chiaki Kamikawa, Kuriakos Kousoulides, Arsenty Lysenkov, Timotheos Stylianides, Haralampos Margarides, Miriam Mc Connon, Ignatios Mitrofanous, Yiannos Oikonomou, Yiannis Sakellis, Marilena Sophokleous and Katerina Foukara.
The exhibition will open to the public on the 21st of December at 19:00 at the Othello Cinema.
The opening evening includes:
at 20.00 a guitar recital from musician Stylianides Timotheos.

Box of Memory
Box of Memory is a venture associated with Paphos 2017 to collect memories around the old buildings, spaces and settings by the people themselves who have lived with these memories through time. The memories, experiences and recollections will be collected through writing, video and photography, thus creating a mosaic of living witnesses, a living library. The revival in this way of the buildings and spaces will serve as a reference to the youth of today and the future generations, bridging the past and the future with our forgotten and misplaced present. The material will be used and developed as part of Paphos 2017.

On Sunday 22-12 the programme is as follows:
At 11.00, a presentation of the documentary “Othello, Study for a Documentary” by Charalambos Margaritis
At 12.00, A lecture called “Heart, Infrastructure and Urban Regeneration” by Yiannis Koutsolambros (a member of the urban planning and regeneration of Paphos 2017).
Box of Memory.

Images credits: Yiannis Sakellis, Sergis Hadjiadamos, Charalambos Margaritis,fotoLARKO.
Video credits: Charalambos Margaritis
Presented by: sakellisy