The Apple Made Whole Again

The Apple Made Whole Again is a symbolic work opening itself up to the world, in the same way as the train station, also symbolically, opens the city up to the world.

“The symbol of the apple crosses the entire history we have behind us, starting from the bite, which represents the detachment of mankind from nature and the origin of the artificial world. The Apple Made Whole Again represents the entry into a new era in which the artificial and the natural worlds are reunited producing a new planetary balance. The symbol of the apple made whole again symbolizes the recomposition of the opposites: nature and artifice. The apple signifies nature; the bite of the apple signifies artifice, the way we see it used in the globally renown logo of a multinational computer company, emblem of a technology that has integrally replaced nature. With The Apple Made Whole Again artifice performs the task of resewing the part removed by the bite thus rejoining humanity to nature, rather than leading it farther and farther away.”
(Michelangelo Pistoletto)

The Apple Made Whole Again is a big size work – 11 tons in weigh, 8 meter high, 7 meter wide – consisting in a metal structure entirely moulded in clay plaster mixed with marble powder.
In relation to the artistic and social significance of this work, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto organized, on the two days preceding the unveiling of the sculpture, a Forum entitled “2° Rebirth Forum – The Apple Made Whole Again”, which was held on the premises of the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.
The Forum gathered, together with a few Italian Rebirth/Third Paradise Ambassadors, representatives of public institutions, university professors and researchers, teachers, civil society associations and other subjects engaged in practices of responsible and sustainable innovation of society.
The Forum launched a year-long operative Working Site in Milan, whose objective was to activate the meanings of the Apple Made Whole Again.


Monday 21st March 2016
Piazza Duca D’Aosta, Milan
h. 14.30
“A symbolic work opening itself up to the world, in the same way as the train station, also symbolically, opens the city up to the world.”
(Michelangelo Pistoletto)

The work by Michelangelo Pistoletto The Apple Made Whole Again, built and installed at the centre of Piazza Duomo in Milan for the opening of EXPO, has been permanently moved to a key place in the city: Piazza Duca D’Aosta, in front of the Stazione Centrale.

Thanks to an agreement between Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cittadellarte, FAI (the National Trust of Italy) and representatives of the municipality, The Apple Made Whole Again was donated to the City of Milan.
The metropolis thus welcomed a work of art symbol of an evolutionary transition involving the whole human society.