Rebirth Day

What is Rebirth-day?
Rebirth-day is the worldwide day of change.
Rebirth-day is the celebration of the Third Paradise
Let’s all work together to change the world.
The Third Paradise can’t wait.


Our Planet is suffering. Everywhere is a succession of crises. The globalization of “growth” is more and more realistically ominous of a general collapse.
Unfortunately, the imaginative connotation of “the end of the world” attributed to 21st December 2012 lent itself to assume a symbolic meaning in the gravity of the situation humanity finds itself in this day in age.
With the symbol of the Third Paradise, we identify the 21st December as the day of rebirth.
Rebirth-day is the celebration of this date, on which all of us assume the commitment to collaborate in a responsible transformation of global society. The Third Paradise is the third phase of the human process, a balance between nature and artifice we have to generate at the end of the second paradise, the artificial one we are living in now, which in turn followed the natural paradise.

The term “paradise” comes from the Ancient Persian for “protected garden”.
Our garden is planet Earth, it is up to us to take care of it and protect it.
The symbol of the Third Paradise is a reformulation of the mathematical sign of infinity. The two opposite circles polarize in the central circle, representing the womb of rebirth. This symbol is a perspective art is offering society.
Let’s all take part in the Rebirth/Third Paradise project.

Rebirth-day is a worldwide event: a big celebration, a living, vital and lived symbol of a new beginning.
Rebirth-day is an annual appointment, a celebration that renews itself every year: let’s all work together for the new edition of Rebirth-day.
We can all take part, with individual or group initiatives, proposing ideas, actions and activities in line with a responsible transformation of society.
The Rebirth/Third Paradise project is low impact, sustainable and concerned with environmental issues; it promotes a development model dedicated to low consumption practices and it is based on the free collaboration of individuals and communities from all over the world.
The participation in Rebirth-day represents a personal commitment to contribute to the process of change.
We have an extraordinary opportunity to create our future together, with joy and enthusiasm: do participate in the creation of a big collective work of art with any form of expression (performance, music, installations, meetings, culinary events, etc.)