Use of the symbol

You may reproduce, distribute, communicate to the public, publicly display, perform and act the Third Paradise in any medium and format.

We ask you, however, to

– make exact mention of the authorship of the work (The Third Paradise – Michelangelo Pistoletto) and of the project (project Rebirth/Third Paradise by Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto ONLUS);
– provide a link to the website and indicate whether any changes have been made. You may do this in any possible reasonable way, but not in a way that suggests that the licensor endorses you or your use of the material;
– inform us of your initiative using the email:

It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use the name or symbol for any purpose which is:

– illegal;
– discriminatory;
– of political propaganda;
– religious.

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use the name or symbol for commercial purposes, except in cases of express and written authorisation by Fondazione Pistoletto ONLUS, holder of the rights.

It is NOT POSSIBLE to apply or release bonds in any other way than mentioned above.