Organize a Forum

The Forum is a methodology launched by Cittadellarte–Fondazione Pistoletto in collaboration with the Ambassadors of the Rebirth/Third Paradise project, with the support of local institutions and associations different every time willing to participate. The aim is the realization of a centre for a responsible transformation of global society, locally activated and based on the concept of demopraxy and on the trinamic principle of the symbol of the Third Paradise, in relation with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for the eradication of humanity’s most pressing problems.

The debate thus generated, favoured by Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto’s promoting activities, materializes in the creation of a permanent Working Site articulated in themed Working Tables involving subjects from the cultural, social and work sphere in a position to impact daily life, in view of a year of joined work. The work methods drafted have the objective of generating a multiple confluence and of sharing notions and experiences towards any direction and from any circumstance, tracing a geography (non defined in terms of cardinal points, but of territories and actions emerging from a trinamic interaction) of all the opportunities – under the symbol of the Third Paradise – of creativity, participation and contamination of desire to carry out good practices, preserved and conveyed by an art finalized to the fruition and the benefit of everybody.

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