Travelling Third Paradise Canvas – Kids-Guernica – Bali Ubud Indonesia
Artistic atelier to cooperate with the Third Paradise canvas and Third Paradise Installation with bambù.
Organized by: The International project for Children Kids-Guernica and Savina Tarsitano
In collaboration with: Art Museum
Date: 30/07/14
Address: , Indonesia

GOALS: Education, connection with the International children project of Kids-Guernica for peace, tollerance, respect.

In occasion of the 20° anniversary of the International Kids-Guernica project, a workshop has been organised to present the Rebirth project of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte. In this occasion a group of children of Bali and Tokyo contributed to the travelling Third Paradise canvas. A Third Paradise installation has been realized with bambu and Kids-Guernica canvas from Hiroshima in the park of Lukisam Museum. The workshop on the Third Paradise has been realized in cooperation with the Katemu Project Space, of Bali.

Images credits: savina tarsitano
Presented by: Savina Tarsitano