The Forums and the Working Sites

We have seen what the Third Paradise is and what vision inspires it. But how is this vision explicated in our world? To answer this question, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto has decided to activate two devices, one a product of the other: the Rebirth Forums and the Working Sites.

The Forums are international events organized in different countries in which institutions, artists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, associations and movements meet to dialogue about their idea of a sustainable future and to investigate themes different every time. The end of the Forum means the activation – on that same territory – of a Working Site, i.e. a year- long process in the course of which the participants in the Forum operate to translate the indications raised in the first big debate into shared practices.

We can therefore say that the Forums and the Working Sites are the devices activating the social fabric in their local contexts, giving the most diverse organizations the opportunity to acknowledge their being a demos, and allowing the activists and the artivists to act simultaneously on three levels: personal, social (as members of an association, an enterprise, a non-governamental organization, etc.) and collective (as part of the collectivity). This form of direct and active daily commitment by the citizen leads from democracy to demopraxy.

Forums and Working Sites are live workshops experimenting socially, artistically and culturally in response to a deep need for a change of the way we live in every sector of society, from our working places to the towns we inhabit, from our family to our work environment, from the market square to the meetings of organizations in which we express our subjectivity.